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Since 1989 Mad River Brewing company has been crafting award winning ales. Our most prestigious awards include four Gold Medals, four Silver Medals and one Bronze medal from the Great American Beer Festival. Two Bronze awards from the World Beer Cup and 2010 Small Brewing Company and Small Brewing Company Brewer of the Year award from the Great American Beer Festival.


Mad River Brewing is a piece of Humboldt, our piece of Humboldt to share. Tucked away behind the majestic California Redwoods, Mad River Brewery gives you the Northern California experience every time you raise your glass. Often noted as the best beer in Humboldt, our Mad River Brewing family brews every batch with your enjoyment and taste buds in mind.


Because we didn't get into this to start a business, we did it because of our love and passion for great beer. We did it so that we have something to share with our friends, and as a catalyst to make new friends. It worked.


Our purpose is simple; Good friends and quality beer equal great experiences. We are not here to "sell" you or convince you, you will have to try it for yourself and create your own story. Join our Mad River Brewing family, get your piece of Humboldt, and let's hang out and enjoy some beer!

Our Beers

Our Brewers

Dylan Schatz

Brew Master / Quality Control

I started at Mad River in February of 1999 in packaging operations. I immediately fell in love with the industry and decided that brewing was how I wanted to pursue my career in life. I advanced through the various departments to being a brewer by May of 2000. After gaining a couple years of hands on experience, I signed on for a course in brewing and packaging through U.C. Davis to round out my knowledge of brewing science. In the fall of 2005 I took over the position of Head Brewer and in 2008 assumed the duties of Q/C and lab analysis as well, and in 2010 was raised to the position of Brewmaster and Production Manager.

Brian Brodkorb

Senior Brewer

In 1993 I started my career in the brewing industry at the Humboldt Brewing Co. Beginning on the bottling line; I worked my way up to Packaging Manager and an assistant brewer position. When the Humboldt Brewery ceased beer production, I came to work brewing for the Mad River Brewing Co. as part time night brewer. After a year I became a full time brewer and assistant to Dylan Schatz, Head Brewer.



I first joined the Mad River Brewery team in the winter of 1999, on the bottling line. A little more than a year later I was given the opportunity to brew for the company, until the Spring of 2003 when I left Mad River to pursue other adventures. I rejoined the Mad River team in January of 2014, once again as a brewer and a cellar assistant. I am happy to be back again working for a great company and being a part of making a high quality line of beers.

Brewers as pictured (back left to right) Kevin Montgomery, Dylan Schatz, David Cook, (middle left) Zeke Branca, (middle right) Brian Brodkorb, (front) Jon Cox

David Cook

Senior Brewer

I began working at Mad River Brewing Co. in September of 2003 as an on call employee. In 2004 I took an assistant brewing position, and now I have become a senior brewer. Over the years I have come to learn a great deal about the brewing industry, and I am proud of being part of it. I love making beer, and then tasting the fruits of my labor. I can truly say that this is a great family of people to be working with, and look forward to working with them in the years to come.

Jon Cox


My career at Mad River Brewing began in 2003 with an entry-level position on the packaging line. After washing kegs and filling cases for a few years, I was thrilled to begin work in the brewhouse. With the support and knowledge of my co-workers I steadily gained experience and eventually began brewing full time. In addition to my brewing duties I also work as an assistant in the cellar, monitoring the fermentation and conditioning of the beer. Every day is a learning opportunity in this line of work and there is always more to know and discover. Together with my fellow beer crew, I can proudly state I help craft some of Humboldt County’s finest beers.

Jeffry ‘ZEKE’ Branca

Senior Cellar aka ‘the Yeast Whisperer’

I am a seventeen year MRBCo employee, with 35 years brewing experience as an award winning homebrewer at both national and state competitions. Native Californian, married and father of two. Other interests include; officiating soccer, watching international futbol and Saturday night poker club. Special thanks to my teacher and mentor C. Blane Morf. CHEERS

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