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Mad River Brewery, a women-led Independent Craft Brewery located in Humboldt County, California has been brewing best-quality beers for more than three decades. MRB employs a time-honored, cut-no-corners approach to hand-crafting the finest quality ales, receiving  the most prestigious awards in the industry. Celebrating their 35th anniversary this year, the tribally owned craft brewery is recognized globally for award-winning ales such as their flagship Steelhead Extra Pale Ale, and their Jamaica Red Ale. The brewery’s portfolio of craft beverages includes new and reinvented products that highlight important endeavors, setting a standard for environmental and social responsibility in the industry.


Known for exceptional green production processes, Mad River Brewery has won 7 WRAP awards presented by the California Integrated Waste Management Board for outstanding efforts in waste reduction. Much of the organic waste, spent barley malt and yeast, are fed to local livestock or used as composting material. Mad River Brewery continues to set itself apart, developing products that disrupt the industry, offering quality, complexity, and purpose by aligning new products with endeavors related to environmental stewardship and water advocacy.

Sunrise image of the Mad River, Blue Lake, California
Four Gold, four silver, and one copper award metal icon of the Great American Beer Festival


Mad River Brewery has won notable local, national and international awards including in the World Beer Cup and the Great American Beer Festival. At the 2010 Great American Beer Festival Mad River Brewery won Best Brewery in the Nation in their class, the Small Brewing Company, and Small Brewing Company Brewer of the Year. Learn more about our award-winning beers here.


It started with a love and passion for great beer to share with friends, to make new friends. It worked. Tucked away behind the majestic California Redwoods, nestled in the city of Blue Lake, Mad River Brewery gives you the Northern California experience every time you raise your glass. Often noted as the best beer in Humboldt, our Mad River Brewing family brews every batch with your enjoyment and taste buds in mind. Try it for yourself and create your own story. Join our Mad River Brewing family, get your piece of Humboldt, and let’s hang out and enjoy some beer!

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